assalamualaikum w.b.t

"tuntutlah ilmu itu hingga ke liang lahad "

That phrase is very meaningful in my life. walau kita sudah berumur 80 tahun sekali pun, tuntutlah ilmu kerana dengan ilmulah dapat membezakan kita dengan orang lain. bagi seorang Islam, ilmu dan iman seiring dan sejalan yang dapat membezakan kita dengan orang lain dan bukanlah taraf 'kekayaan' itu yang membezakan sesama kita. I believe with this phrase " nothing is impossible to a willing heart". selagi apa yang kita mahu and we make an effort towards it including doa, insyaAllah apa yang kita mahu akan tercapai ^_^

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


I betul-betul buntu and I don’t know whether my choice is better for me or not. I’m in part 3 right now. I’m enough qualified to apply fast track so I can take my degree without finish my diploma. Madam Syafienaz just gives me a call and gives her opinion about fast track. She said that it’s depending on me. “Don’t ever follow your friends. It’s your future. Better you make solat Istikharah and pray for Him to give you the best choice for your future”.

Yeah what she said was totally true. At first I think it’s better for me to continue with fast track but everything was changing after Akram gives me a call. He said that he also apply fast track as his mother encourage to do that. “It’s because students who take foundation and study abroad didn’t have diploma. So there’s no point if you have diploma”. Okey I admit it. It’s true. But when he said that if I further my studies by taking fast track, the study’s starting on March 2012. Oh my god! cuti sebulan pon I dah boring tahap kritakal, ini kan pulak nak tunggu berbulan-bulan lagi. Memang tak la kan! I’m supposed to start my fourth semester next week (21 November 2011). But if I want to take fast track, that’s mean I have to wait for a few months before I go back to study. Oh no!

Fast track makes me so crazy! Haha. Sounds like I’m very critical right now. Macam-macam I fikir. There are a few factors that make me like this.

·         I have to wait a few months before I’m starting study again. Memang bertambah gemuk la kan kalau duduk rumah je. Nak kerja of course la my mom tak bagi.

·         I have to leave all my beloved friends. Zana, Eja, Ika. And especially A.S.K L . lepas ni kalau I ambil fast track rasanya memang dah tak kan jumpe diorang lagi especially A.S.K

·         I have to leave my beloved club at UiTM Pulau Pinang. IKRAM! I’m gonna miss all the activities!

Ya Allah. I need your Hidayah so that I can make the best choice for me. At this time I feel like I’m willing to continue my study in diploma rather than take fast track. But for sure it’s not easy to return back since I had applied it. My friend said that I can further my fourth semester even I had applied it but there are some procedures that I have to make. I confused sangat. I’m not sure sama ada I nak stay diploma sebab I dah boring duduk rumah or sebab I realized that I can’t see him anymore. I hope that I can make the best solution for this problem. InsyaAllah...

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