assalamualaikum w.b.t

"tuntutlah ilmu itu hingga ke liang lahad "

That phrase is very meaningful in my life. walau kita sudah berumur 80 tahun sekali pun, tuntutlah ilmu kerana dengan ilmulah dapat membezakan kita dengan orang lain. bagi seorang Islam, ilmu dan iman seiring dan sejalan yang dapat membezakan kita dengan orang lain dan bukanlah taraf 'kekayaan' itu yang membezakan sesama kita. I believe with this phrase " nothing is impossible to a willing heart". selagi apa yang kita mahu and we make an effort towards it including doa, insyaAllah apa yang kita mahu akan tercapai ^_^

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A Story In UiTM..

Woke up early in the morning, wore one of the best clothes that I have. Tried to get ready earlier so that we can avoid from traffic jammed on that day.

7th September 2013, the date that important for me, for UiTM students as well since we have to make registration on that day. All the preparations that I had made before seems like went smoothly. After made registration at college,  my family and I went to Giant to buy my necessary. O almost forgot. I’ve stayed at ‘Kolej Anggerik’ here in UiTM Shah Alam. One of college that located near the second entrance of UiTM. Quite far from other colleges, but it is near to my faculty.

The room is in good condition even it is too small compared to my room in Uitm Pulau Pinang, but still its pleasant me. 4 people for each room. Have bunk bed. Guess what? I’ve got the upper one of my bed. Dah lah tak pandai nak memanjat katil, sekali dapat katil atas..fuhhh

Me : Macam mana nak naik atas ni?
Roommate : Panjat je.

Dah naik atas katil..

Me : Macam mana nak turun ni????
semua gelak……..okay fine.haha

Now I used to adapt with this ‘environment’.

My roommates mostly from Selangor. Two of them from Selangor and the other one from Nogori… okay Negeri Sembilan actually. That 2 girls from Selangor are student of Quantity Surveyor and the one who from is from Negeri Sembilan is ID student. Alhamdulillah they are kind, not too noisy. In another words “sekepala” la.

At night, I’ve got surprise from my beloved kartun (Izzaty). Dia datang ke kolej dan ditemani Kak Dila. Long time not see them. Bila dah jumpa of course riuh sekampung ! 

Then Kak Dila took us to ‘Pusat Islam UiTM Shah ALam.’ Very beautiful + convenient + the best facilities! Seiously for me, kalah Masjid Kristal kat Terengganu. This PI is three-storeys. The ground floor is CTU office. Second-level is ‘Dewan Solat Lelaki’ and the upper storey is for woman.

Why I said this PI is the best compared to Masjid Kristal?

The answer is because of its facilities. The toilet and ‘tempat wudhuk’ just beside of ‘Dewan Solat’. Besides that, the ‘Dewan solat’ for man and woman are separate. So woman feel free to do whatever they want without worry about guy’s attention.

Dewan Solat Wanita

Tempat Wudhuk

9th September 2013, my

Went to Dewan Agong Tunku Cansellor (if I’m not mistaken) for our registration course. Walking from college to bus stop, waiting for the bus fetch us. After 5 minutes waiting, my roommates and I decided to walk till reach that place. 2 minit lepas berjalan berlalu dari bus stop, bas pun sampai… okay time tu dah tak boleh nak naik bas dah sebab dia hanya stop di bus stop sahaja.. =.=

After walked about 10 minutes, so we arrived at that place. Penat + panas + berpeluh semua ada. Dengan naik tangga yang tinggi lagi, naik bukit and so on. My roommate said “inilah gaya hidup yang sihat. Pagi-pagi lagi dah berpeluh naik tangga. Sebulan lepas ni memang tough la badan siap ada muscle lagi.”
Then proceed with the briefing from the staff and so on, then only we registered ourselves as UiTM student.

And now I’m officially a student of Interior Architecture in UiTM Shah Alam. Praise to Allah. J

10th Setember 2013…

Bersemangat nak pergi first class hari ni ! my first class started at 10.30am so my roommate that same course with mine decided to go to Pusat Kesihatan first to submit the form. Then we heading to our faculty, Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Survey (FAPS), find the class.

Its normal if new student didn’t know where is the class right? So I tried to asked people there, Tanya sorang tak taw. Last2 tanya lecturer.

Me : Excuse me. Do you know where is this class? (showed him my timetable)
Sir : can you zoom it? I can’t see. It is too small…. Where is it? I don’t know where this place.
Puan : Biar saya tengok….. saya pun tak sure lah kat mana kelas ni.

Suddenly a guy came out from the office.

Puan : Hey, you lecturer ID kan? Cuba check kelas ni kat mana.
Prof : tak taw… dengan buat muka comel. Semester berapa ni?
Me : I’m a part one student. Baru lagi so tak kenal sangat dengan kelas kat sini.
Prof : okay come and follow me. I’ll show you your class. Jom jom jadi ekor saya..
Me : ekor??? Okay….

Riuh sekampung nak tanya pasal kelas. Dah la kat tangan bawak X-Ray. Orang pulak ramai time tu. Nampak sangat lah budak baru.hehe

On the way to the class, he stopped at one of the corner and talk to a guy there.

Dalam hati ni dah cakap “prof ni..saya nak ke kelas.nanti lambat pulak.boleh pulak dia berhenti and berborak dengan laki tu.”

Okay tak baik.jangan tiru tu ! hehe

Then we followed him. Okay rupa-rupanya he is my lecturer. Prof Ali namanya. Sangat kelakar orangnya dan suka berdrama.

Prof : are you from stpm?
Me : no I’m not. I’m a diploma holder.
Prof : oww..what course did you took in diploma?
Me : engineering…
Prof : what?? So why you change your course?
Me : Because I love this course. (smile)

For this first class, we didn’t start yet our class. Just introduced about the course, drawing and etc.
Okay class, class dismissed.

Before I went out from the studio, he said “You jangan bagitau orang lain yang you student engineering.  Nanti orang lain jealous dengan you.”

Apa maksud dia?