assalamualaikum w.b.t

"tuntutlah ilmu itu hingga ke liang lahad "

That phrase is very meaningful in my life. walau kita sudah berumur 80 tahun sekali pun, tuntutlah ilmu kerana dengan ilmulah dapat membezakan kita dengan orang lain. bagi seorang Islam, ilmu dan iman seiring dan sejalan yang dapat membezakan kita dengan orang lain dan bukanlah taraf 'kekayaan' itu yang membezakan sesama kita. I believe with this phrase " nothing is impossible to a willing heart". selagi apa yang kita mahu and we make an effort towards it including doa, insyaAllah apa yang kita mahu akan tercapai ^_^

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A Story In UiTM..

Woke up early in the morning, wore one of the best clothes that I have. Tried to get ready earlier so that we can avoid from traffic jammed on that day.

7th September 2013, the date that important for me, for UiTM students as well since we have to make registration on that day. All the preparations that I had made before seems like went smoothly. After made registration at college,  my family and I went to Giant to buy my necessary. O almost forgot. I’ve stayed at ‘Kolej Anggerik’ here in UiTM Shah Alam. One of college that located near the second entrance of UiTM. Quite far from other colleges, but it is near to my faculty.

The room is in good condition even it is too small compared to my room in Uitm Pulau Pinang, but still its pleasant me. 4 people for each room. Have bunk bed. Guess what? I’ve got the upper one of my bed. Dah lah tak pandai nak memanjat katil, sekali dapat katil atas..fuhhh

Me : Macam mana nak naik atas ni?
Roommate : Panjat je.

Dah naik atas katil..

Me : Macam mana nak turun ni????
semua gelak……..okay fine.haha

Now I used to adapt with this ‘environment’.

My roommates mostly from Selangor. Two of them from Selangor and the other one from Nogori… okay Negeri Sembilan actually. That 2 girls from Selangor are student of Quantity Surveyor and the one who from is from Negeri Sembilan is ID student. Alhamdulillah they are kind, not too noisy. In another words “sekepala” la.

At night, I’ve got surprise from my beloved kartun (Izzaty). Dia datang ke kolej dan ditemani Kak Dila. Long time not see them. Bila dah jumpa of course riuh sekampung ! 

Then Kak Dila took us to ‘Pusat Islam UiTM Shah ALam.’ Very beautiful + convenient + the best facilities! Seiously for me, kalah Masjid Kristal kat Terengganu. This PI is three-storeys. The ground floor is CTU office. Second-level is ‘Dewan Solat Lelaki’ and the upper storey is for woman.

Why I said this PI is the best compared to Masjid Kristal?

The answer is because of its facilities. The toilet and ‘tempat wudhuk’ just beside of ‘Dewan Solat’. Besides that, the ‘Dewan solat’ for man and woman are separate. So woman feel free to do whatever they want without worry about guy’s attention.

Dewan Solat Wanita

Tempat Wudhuk

9th September 2013, my

Went to Dewan Agong Tunku Cansellor (if I’m not mistaken) for our registration course. Walking from college to bus stop, waiting for the bus fetch us. After 5 minutes waiting, my roommates and I decided to walk till reach that place. 2 minit lepas berjalan berlalu dari bus stop, bas pun sampai… okay time tu dah tak boleh nak naik bas dah sebab dia hanya stop di bus stop sahaja.. =.=

After walked about 10 minutes, so we arrived at that place. Penat + panas + berpeluh semua ada. Dengan naik tangga yang tinggi lagi, naik bukit and so on. My roommate said “inilah gaya hidup yang sihat. Pagi-pagi lagi dah berpeluh naik tangga. Sebulan lepas ni memang tough la badan siap ada muscle lagi.”
Then proceed with the briefing from the staff and so on, then only we registered ourselves as UiTM student.

And now I’m officially a student of Interior Architecture in UiTM Shah Alam. Praise to Allah. J

10th Setember 2013…

Bersemangat nak pergi first class hari ni ! my first class started at 10.30am so my roommate that same course with mine decided to go to Pusat Kesihatan first to submit the form. Then we heading to our faculty, Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Survey (FAPS), find the class.

Its normal if new student didn’t know where is the class right? So I tried to asked people there, Tanya sorang tak taw. Last2 tanya lecturer.

Me : Excuse me. Do you know where is this class? (showed him my timetable)
Sir : can you zoom it? I can’t see. It is too small…. Where is it? I don’t know where this place.
Puan : Biar saya tengok….. saya pun tak sure lah kat mana kelas ni.

Suddenly a guy came out from the office.

Puan : Hey, you lecturer ID kan? Cuba check kelas ni kat mana.
Prof : tak taw… dengan buat muka comel. Semester berapa ni?
Me : I’m a part one student. Baru lagi so tak kenal sangat dengan kelas kat sini.
Prof : okay come and follow me. I’ll show you your class. Jom jom jadi ekor saya..
Me : ekor??? Okay….

Riuh sekampung nak tanya pasal kelas. Dah la kat tangan bawak X-Ray. Orang pulak ramai time tu. Nampak sangat lah budak baru.hehe

On the way to the class, he stopped at one of the corner and talk to a guy there.

Dalam hati ni dah cakap “prof ni..saya nak ke kelas.nanti lambat pulak.boleh pulak dia berhenti and berborak dengan laki tu.”

Okay tak baik.jangan tiru tu ! hehe

Then we followed him. Okay rupa-rupanya he is my lecturer. Prof Ali namanya. Sangat kelakar orangnya dan suka berdrama.

Prof : are you from stpm?
Me : no I’m not. I’m a diploma holder.
Prof : oww..what course did you took in diploma?
Me : engineering…
Prof : what?? So why you change your course?
Me : Because I love this course. (smile)

For this first class, we didn’t start yet our class. Just introduced about the course, drawing and etc.
Okay class, class dismissed.

Before I went out from the studio, he said “You jangan bagitau orang lain yang you student engineering.  Nanti orang lain jealous dengan you.”

Apa maksud dia?


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Be strong, go forward, move ahead.

On the other shore of sadness 
It is said that there is a smile
Finally we arrived
But what are we waiting for?

The purpose is to not run away
It’s to chase after dreams
We should have gone out to travel
On that summer day so long ago.

Even tomorrow if you see it
Though there isn’t a sigh either
Like a ship going against the current flow
Right now, go forward, move ahead.

Even if it cuts through the rain and clouds
The wet roads shine
Only the dark will teach
A stronger and stronger light.

Be strong, go forward, move ahead.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Good News : Impian Termakbul !

Salam Alaykum..

After waiting for a long time in this long semester break, finally result degree dah keluar. Berdebarnya hanya Allah yang tahu.

“What if dapat course lelong?”

“What if tak dapat further degree?”

“What if bla bla bla…..”

So, on Friday (12.30 p.m.) result diumumkan. But at that time saya keluar teman mak beli barang dapur. Mesej bertalu-talu masuk.

“Hai makcik. Dapat mana?”

“Result dah keluar. Jangan lupa inform.”

Aiyooo… lagi berdebar rasa hati ni. One of my best friend, Zana, dapat pure civil engineering di UiTM Shah Alam. Alhamdulillah. Great to hear that dear ;)

Bila balik rumah je, terus online. Bukak student portal UiTM.

“Eh kenapa tak boleh bukak website ni?”

Tak putus asa. Tanya Zana macam mana nak bukak guna link lain.

And finally…….

Alhamdulillah doa termakbul.. Sesungguhnya Allah amat sukakan orang yang selalu meminta padanya. Dan Dia Maha Memakbulkan semua permintaan hambaNya sama ada cepat atau lambat.

Impian untuk belajar dalam jurusan Interior Design (member cakap dah tukar nama kepada Interior Architecture) insyaallah akan termakbul dalam sebulan lebih sahaja lagi. Impian yang disemat dalam diri semenjak sekolah menengah lagi.

Dulu selepas tamat SPM, pernah apply course ni di UIA. Namun, rezeki tertulis untuk menjadi pelajar Civil Engineering di UiTM Pulau Pinang. Tapi Alhamdulillah untuk degree kali ni, insyaallah dapat mendalami bidang yang diidamkan selama ni insyaallah.

Kenapa tak further engineering je?

Engineering adalah satu course yang saya rasa sangat best dan mencabar. Let say kalau bermusafir and lalu di highway:

“owh yang ni la lecturer cakap dulu..kenapa dia simenkan bukit tu.”

Engineering sangat best. Mana-mana kita pergi, kita boleh relate dengan apa yang kita belajar. But my big problem with engineering is saya ada penyakit migraine. Engineering memerlukan student yang tahan kepada sunlight.

Yes ! I’m the one yang tahan lasak. Tapi tu dulu. Selepas dah ada migraine, kalau cuaca panas terik dah mula sakit kepala. Bila sakit mestilah skip kelas. So selalu missed apa yang lecturer ajar. Nasib baik lah ada Zana. Dia sangat membantu even pergi bilik dia pukul 1 a.m pun dia tak kisah.. sebab tu dia pandai. Tak kedekut ilmu. J

And yes ! kalau jump into new course alamatnya lambatlah saya grad. Sepatutnya kalau saya further engineering, saya hanya ambil masa 2 tahun setengah untuk habiskan degree. Tapi kalau saya terima tawaran untuk study dalam interior design course saya akan ambil masa 4 tahun untuk habis degree.

At first, tergugat jugak bila fikir pasal umur. Tapi bila someone cakap “kita takkan habis belajar sampai kita dah tua sekalipun.  Continue je apa yang kita nak buat asalkan berbaloi.” Possible jugak.. so now saya dah tak fikir bila nak habis. Saya Cuma fikir saya akan belajar bersungguh-sungguh sebab ini apa yang saya nak selama ni..ececeyyy..hehe..wish me luck guys.

By the way, ramai kawan yang tak dapat langsung further study in degree. Kesian dorang.. so many competitors out there yang ramai dapat dekan every semester, so yang kurang bernasib baik ni tak dapat lah nak sambung belajar. Its okay guys. Nanti buat rayuan J insyaallah dapat.

 So that’s all.. xoxo

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Berita Dari Makkah

Salamun ‘Alayk

Baru sahaja ber ‘we chat’ bersama kawan baik semasa sama-sama belajar di UiTM Penang dulu. Zanariah namanya. Subhanallah..dia baru sahaja pulang dari mengerjakan umrah.

At first nak merajuk kononnya dengan dia sebab tak bagitahu nak pergi ke Tanah Suci Allah tu. Owh rupanya dia ingatkan dia dah inform kat saya..hehe..tak jadi nak merajuk.

Yang paling saya teruja apabila dia cakap “suasana kat sana seriously lain. Bila kat sana takde apa dalam minda selain daripada nak tunggu azan.” Subhanallah..macam ni ke agaknya perasaan orang yang mengerjakan umrah dan haji?

Bila dia post gambarnya di salah sebuah masjid kat sana, I was so speechless. Air terjun dah datangggg ! (menangis)

Ya Allah, bila agaknya aku akan menjadi tetamuMu. Teringin sangat nak pergi..

Insyaallah dengan gaji yang ada sekarang ni + business online, saya akan kumpul duit untuk ke sana. Permudahkanku ya Allah..

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Interview : Interior design di UiTM

Salam Alaykum

Hello peeps out there. Hope you fine and really enjoy your life with His blesses. It’s been a while since I last updated my blog. Dah berhabuk dah blog ni. Fuhhh…

Because of so many people ask me to share my interview experienced, so I’ve decided to share it in this blog. And I hope it will help for those who will go to the interview especially for interior design course because before I went to the interview I made research from many blogs and it helped me a lot.

25th May 2013

Woke up early in the morning, wore the best cloth (extra mark for those who are good appearance). At 9.30 a.m. my mother and I started our journey to UiTM Machang. It took about 20 minutes to arrive there.

When we arrived there, so many parents were waiting for their children patiently. Ada makcik-makcik sampai tertidur atas kerusi tu. Hehe.. After registered my name and course, I was patiently waited for my turned and made final preparation. Recheck all those documents that were required.

Then, one of the guys who sat at the registration counter called my name and a few candidates and asked us to go to a class for drawing test.

In that class, there were a few blocks in a table such as cuboid, pyramid, sphere and cylinder. We were required to draw all those blocks. There were many tables that were arranged like table in meeting room. Meaning that the blocks were located at the centre of the class and we were free to sit at any tables. So I preferred to sit at a table that I can saw the blocks clearly. Actually I didn’t have any skills in drawing. But I tried my best for that test.

After finished the test that took about 1 hour, then we were required to go to another class for the interview. While we were waiting for our turned, I asked the one who sat beside me. Her drawing was so good.

Me : Awak dulu belajar course apa?
She : Saya diploma interior design jugak dulu. Before masuk diploma pun interview macam ni jugak.
Me : So nak masuk degree pun kena interview lagi ke?
She: yes. Awak dulu belajar course apa?
Me : Owh…saya course engineering. Tapi memang minat interior design. Itu yang apply untuk degree tu.

Then someone called my name. It’s my turned. Bismillahi rahmani Rahim.. Rabbi yassir wala tu’assir. First step in that room made me so nervous. But Alhamdulillah He ease me. When I sat in front of the interviewer, all the nervousness was gone. Then interview session started.

He asked me to introduce myself in English. As usual I started with my name, age, family and my life target. At first when I introduced my name, he acted like usual. Just listening what I was talking about. Then only when I said that I studied in engineering for my diploma, he started stared at me. Then he said:

“Saya risaukan awak sebenarnya.”

I was shocked at that moment.

“Ramai student yang nak masuk engineering tapi tak dapat, awak dah dapat and dah grad tapi awak nak lepas macam tu je? ” He said

Keep smiling.

“Saya ada 2 sebab kenapa saya pilih kos ni. Saya sangat berminat dengan kos ni semenjak saya sekolah menengah. Second saya ada penyakit migraine. Saya suka belajar dalam course Civil engineering tetapi dia lebih banyak kepada activity outdoor. Saya tak boleh terlalu expose pada sunlight. Nanti saya akan sakit kepala.”

Then he replied me back.

“Bila saya tengok result awak, you are good in calculation. Awak boleh score dalam subject tu. Kalau awak diterima masuk ke bidang interior design, saya risau kalau awak tak boleh score.bidang ni takde calculation. Banyak belajar melukis je.”

He provoke me again.

“course ni boring taw kalau awak tak minat. Awak takpe ke?

My answered was simple. “yes I’m okay with it.”

“Course ni busy taw.banyak kerja and assignment. Nanti awak tak sempat nak tidur rehat..awak sanggup?”

Me : bagi saya itu tidak menjadi masalah sebab semasa saya di diploma pun, kerja dan assignment sangat banyak. And I’m okay with it.

Mr Interview : so awak betul-betul nak la ni?

Me : yes I am. J

Mr Interview : I like your confident level. tapi saya harap awak fikir masak-masak sebelum awak tukar kos ini. Kalau ikutkan memang awak lulus tapi saya risau kerana background study awak semasa diploma dulu adalah engineering.

Me : insyaallah ni pilihan terbaik saya.

Mr Interview : So saya rasa setakat ini sahaja lah sesi interview kita. All the best.

Fuhhh..soalan perangkap ! and Alhamdulillah He ease my way for this interview session. I think it’s satisfied me a lot even my drawing was not so good.

So sekarang just menunggu result untuk sambung ke degree nanti. Tawakkaltu ‘alallah. Allah tahu apa yang terbaik untuk diri saya.

Soalan-soalan yang saya study before interview:

  •        Sebab pilih course tersebut.
  •        Kenapa pilih UiTM?
  •              Siapa interior designer yang saya kenal?
  •        Potensi interior design di Malaysia


Thursday, 23 May 2013

Rahsia Duka

Kita kini terpisah.
Mula mencari arah,
Kadang mencari salah,
Lupa semua karnaNya.

Mula bermuhasabah,
Munajat kepadaNya,
Merintih dan meminta,
Agar dikuatkanNya.

Andai benarlah dirnya,
Kumohon Kau mudahkanlah,
Sesungguhnya aku tidak mampu apa2.

Andai mengundang murkaNya,
Rela jauh kerna cinta,
Berikanku masa,
Pasti usaha teman setia.

Kelak maharnya tersedia,
Ku lukis senyum dan tawa,
Tangisan gembira di atas takdirNya.

Terbongkar segala rahsia duka kita..